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PAHRODF helps partner organisations get things done.

As the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade's flagship program for improving Human Resource Management and Organisational Development, PAHRODF provides a range of strategic interventions to address the organisational development needs of select Philippine organisations.

These interventions include:

  • customised short-term training programs
  • scholarships
  • mentoring
  • coaching
  • business process improvement
  • organisational design
  • change management support

Much of the work also involves making sure that these range of services is effective in its contribution to nation building.

The Facility Board, composed of the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) and the Civil Service Commission (CSC), is in place from the beginning for a consultative process that determines strategic direction and annual plans. Throughout each program’s implementation, a Facility Coordinating Committee monitors and ensures that all activities carried out are appropriate to the Philippine situation and can be sustained for maximum results.

PAHRODF believes that highlighting Human Resource and Organisational Development will help its practitioners recognize and act on its strategic role in influencing performances for sustainable development.

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willyrodriguez222@gmail.com says:
Jul 03, 2015 04:25 AM
Does Pblic School Parent Teachers Association can partner with australia aid as there is a need to educate the parents in the importance of education, and as volunteer school partner they must follow the Deped Rules and know their responsibilities, (in other countries like USA Singapore, they have rule books to follow, PTA handbook, PTO Parent Teacher Organization, in USA and PSG parent support Group and PTA in Singapore, thru the help of australia aid the Asean or World Integration of PTA will be possible,