Region II DILG Cluster

Working with Organisations for a Common Goal

The Governments of Australia and the Philippines work together to identify partner organisations through recommendations made by the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) and the Civil Service Commission (CSC).

Public, non-profit, and private organisations in the Philippines are selected as partners for their capability to deliver shared development priorities as reflected in the countries’ Statement of Commitment.

Key consideration is also given to organisations that are committed to creating a lasting impact on public sector reforms.

Since PAHRODF began this work in 2010, it has become partner to a wide range of organisations listed below.

  • Core Partners Organisations (CPO)
  • Purpose-specific Partner Organisations (PSP)
  • Learning Service Providers (LSP)


Core Partner Organisations or CPOs are the organisations whose mandates are directly linked to the Statement of Commitment (SOC) and its delivery strategies. CPOs can both enhance the sustainability of HR/OD interventions within their own organisation and can replicate the gains of these interventions in other CPOs and other organisations.


Purpose-specific Organisations or PSPs are organisations that contribute, or have the potential to contribute, to achieving the shared development priorities of the Governments of Australia and the Philippines as stated in the SOC. PSPs receive short-term, purpose-specific human resource development support along the PAHRODF focus areas.

PAHRODF partners ranked by Cluster and by Organisation:

Enhancing the Foundations for Sustained Economic Growth

1. Department of Budget and Management (DBM)

2. Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH)

3. Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)

4. National Economic Development Authority (NEDA)



Improving Conditions for Peace and Security

5. Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA)

6. Department of Education – ARMM

7. Bangsamoro Leadership and Management Institute (BLMI)


Building Stronger Institutions for Accountable and Inclusive Governance

8. Civil Service Commission (CSC)

9. Department of the Interior and Local Governance (DILG)

10. Commission on Human Rights


Disaster Preparedness and Response

11. Office of Civil Defense

Note: Partners in bold letters are the Core Partner Organisations (CPOs)


Learning Service Providers are individual consultants and consulting firms that design programs to share skills and know-how that support human resource and organizational development.
  • Individual Consultants (list available upon request)
  • Organisation-based LSPs (list available upon request)
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