Introduction to Knowledge Management

A brief introduction to the basic elements of knowledge management for non-practitioners interested in understanding the subject.

by Filemon A. Uriarte Jr.
ASEAN Foundation

Supported by:
National Academy of Science and Technology
Government of Japan
(Japan-ASEAN Solidarity Fund)

This book is not for knowledge management experts and practitioners. It is for those who have no previous background on knowledge management but would like to know something about the subject. The purpose of this book is to provide an introduction to the various elements of knowledge management. It is meant for a wide audience of readers interested in gaining some understanding of the basics of knowledge management. These include the professionals in the private sector, the managers of corporations, the business executives, as well as the government officials at various levels who may have management, technical or engineering background but no exposure yet to knowledge management. This book is meant to be their first book on knowledge management.

This book has six chapters. The first chapter introduces the concept of knowledge as differentiated from data and information. There is no attempt to examine the various theories and postulates about how knowledge is created or generated. The aim is merely to distinguish data from information, and information from knowledge, and to introduce the reader to the two types of knowledge that are of importance to knowledge management.


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