Global Gender Gap Index 2013

No Country On Earth Has Closed The Gender Gap, But A Few Are Coming Close

Global Gender Gap Index 2013

Philippines moves up three places this year due to small improvements in the Economic Participation and Opportunity subindexes. Philippines ranks 10th on the Political Empowerment subindex and remains the highest-ranking country from Asia in the Index. Philippines is the only country in Asia and the Pacific that has fully closed the gender gap in both education and health.


Around the world, however, while the central findings show continued improvements, these changes are incremental. “The pace of change is slow,” the 2013 index, released today, reads. Below, you can explore an interactive graphic and click on each country to learn more about its progress.

Of the 110 countries the WEF has surveyed every year since 2006, 86% have gradually improved their score on the index, which includes measures for economic participation and opportunity, educational attainment, health and survival, and political empowerment. (The index is not tied to females’ actual levels of income or education, but rather, to the disparity they face compared to men in the same nation.)

Philippines (5) and New Zealand (7) continue to lead the way in Asia and the Pacific and are the only two countries from the region to hold places in the top 10 of the global rankings. Philippines claims the top spot in the region from New Zealand. Previously in eighth position, Philippines’s improvement is characterized by small increases in the Economic Participation and Opportunity subindex. Philippines ranks within the top 10 for three out of four subindexes.

This year the Philippines scores a higher ratio in the wage equality survey, improves its estimated earned income and has a larger representation of female professional and technical workers.



You can read more in the report and explore the interactive graphic.

Source: World Economic Forum and co.exist

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