10 characteristics of a great KM Sponsor

Depending on your KM strategy, sponsorship is always important and often absolutely critical to the success of a knowledge change programme – and let’s face it, most of our work as practitioners is all about creating change and making it stick. So here’s what I learned from my various Change Management gurus about the ten characteristics of effective sponsors.

Think about the leaders who sponsors your KM activities as you read then through – or use it as a checklist to help you select the ideal candidate, if you’re still looking…

1. Dissatisfaction.

2. Making resources available.

3. Understand the impact on people.

4. Public Support.

5. Private Support.

6. Good Networkers.

7. Tracking performance.

8. Reinforcement when needed.

9. Focus on the future.

10. Behavioural modelling.

10 characteristics of a great KM Sponsor | by Chris Collinson

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