Case Studies - M&E Report 8

CSC - Case Study 1 - HR/OD Intervention Focus: Strengthening the CSI & Program for Learning and Developement

The Civil Service Commission’s vision was clear from the onset: “To become Asia’s leading centre for strategic Human Resources and Organisation Development (HROD) by 2030.” The Commission was primarily counting on the Civil Service Institute (CSI), its training and research arm, to propel the entire organisation towards turning this vision into reality. Understandably, CSI initially found this mission daunting.

CSC - Case Study 2 - HR/OD Intervention Focus: Strengthening the CSC Program to Institutionalize Meritocracy and Excellence in Human Resource Management (PRIME-HRM) - The Audit/Assessment Phase

Quality Recruits, Quality Public Servants Public sector human resource practitioners used to think that their role is limited to compliance –filling in positions, receiving documents to meet requirements, completing paperwork, records keeping, and processing of benefits. With the Civil Service Commission’s (CSC) vision “to be Asia’s leading centre for human resource and organisation development excellence in 2030,” this view is starting to change in the Philippines.

CSC - Case Study 3 - HR/OD Intervention Focus: Strengthening the CSC Program to Institutionalize Meritocracy and Excellence in Human Resource Management (PRIME-HRM) - The Audit/Assessment Phase

Institutionalising Meritocracy and Excellence in Human Resource Management Improving HR systems has always been a goal for Marissa Ceneta ever since she joined the Civil Service Commission (CSC). Ceneta is a Supervising Personnel Specialist and is Officer-in-Charge of the Audit and Position Classification Composition(ACCP) Division under the Human Resource Policy Standards Office (HRPSO) of the CSC.

CSC - Case Study 4 - HR/OD Intervention Focus: Change Management for CSC

Developing Competencies and Influencing Bureaucracy Having competent public servants is the ultimate goal of the Civil Service Commission (CSC). With the support of the Commission and other key agencies, Regional Director Karin Zerna, who has beenwith the commission for more than two decades, believes this is achievable. Several years ago, the Commission was not even aware of what it needed to improve on.

PAGASA - Case Study 5 - HR/OD Intervention Focus: Enhancing Management Competencies

Towards Becoming a Centre of Excellence Knowledgeable. Innovative. Visionary. Credible. With passion for public service. These are the very qualities Dr. Cynthia Celebre, head of the Research and Development Division of The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA), has hoped to foster in the institution's movers and shakers. She believes that assistance from the Government of Australia in the form of the intervention on management and leadership initiated by PAHRODF has been instrumental in bringing her agency closer to achieving this goal.

DepEd - Case Study 6 - HR/OD Intervention Focus: Leadership Programme for DEPED

Changing Perspectives and Mindsets To move forward, change is necessary. This is what Dr. Jojo Fadul, the Department of Education’s (DepEd) division superintendent for Davao del Norte, seems to have learned from what has transpired in her organisation in the last few years. “If we do not accept change, then we will not be moving forward. We will not be growing. We will not be going anywhere. It will just be a big waste of resources, a bigwaste of energy,” she exclaims.

DepEd - Case Study 7 - HR/OD Intervention Focus: Leadership and Management in Education

Fighting for DepEd Recognition As program head of Iloilo National High School's School of the Future (SOF), Toni Fernandez confides that her role is similar to that of a school principal. After three years of overseeing this Department of Education (DepEd) initiative, she felt that she needed to beef up her leadership skills to help her manage the school more effectively. This prompted her to apply for the Australia Awards Scholarships (AAS). After qualifying for a slot, Fernandez was recommended to the Department of Education (DepEd) for nomination. She went to Australia in August 2012 to study Master in Education Leadership and Management at the University of Newcastle.

DepEd - Case Study 8 - HR/OD Intervention Focus: Institutional Interventions

Shifting Perspectives and Behaviour Over the years, the Department of Education (DepEd) has maintained a long and beneficial relationship with the Government of Australia through PAHRODF and other major investments. Catering to the various needs of DepEd, PAHRODF has provided several programs and interventions for the DepEd.

DepEd - Case Study 9 - HR/OD Intervention Focus: Engineering Project Management to Addresses DepEd's Classroom Shortage

Enhancing DepEd’s Quality Management System and Procurement Scheme During the opening month of each school year, Problems confronting the Department of Education (DepEd) and the education sector in the Philippines, particularly the sorry state of school buildings and classroom shortage, make the news during the opening month of eachschool year. Some schools have to hold classes in unfinished school buildings or dilapidated ones.

DepEd - Case Study 10 - HR/OD Intervention Focus: Strengthening Monitoring and Evaluation

Accurate Assessment for Better Educational Programs As clearly stated in the 2001 Governance of Basic Education Act (RA 9155), the mandate of the Department of Education (DepEd) is the delivery of quality basic education in the whole country. The Department has had to deal with the different economic, social and culturalscenarios in each region as it tries to fulfil this directive, which is why it becomes all the more important to establish an accurate monitoring and evaluation (M&E) and performance management system for DepEd's programs and projects.

DILG - Case Study 11 - HR/OD Intervention Focus: Organisational Assessment and Interventions

Effective Cascade of Agency Programs The Province of Romblon is made up of seven islands and composed of 17 municipalities that are mostly categorised as either 4th or 5th class. The geographic and socioeconomic makeup of the Province makes supervision a challenge for any local government worker, and Levi Fiestada is all too familiar with this challenge. An employee of the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) Romblon for 25 years who has been serving as Cluster Director for around 18 months, Fiestada is tasked to supervise the municipal local government operations and assist the Provincial Director in attaining their agency’s goals.

DILG - Case Study 12 - HR/OD Intervention Focus: Enhancing Performance Management within the Legal Service

Empowered to Level Up Empowerment, efficiency and effectiveness –these will remain as corporate rhetoric if not put into action. Seeing how these values need to be strengthened in the Legal and Legislative Liaison Services department at the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG), Assistant Division Chief Atty. Gina V. Wenceslao made it her goal to help bring these to the fore. “I’m excited about the fact that in my own small way, in my own humble way, I can contribute to the improvement of the legal service in thedepartment,” she says.

DILG - Case Study 13 - HR/OD Intervention Focus: Leadership Capability Building

New Mental Models of Leadership Noel Duarte, who has been with the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) for 20 years, was initially sceptical about attending the Leadership Capability Building Program initiated by the Government of Australia through the Philippines Australia Human Resource and Organisational Development Facility (PAHRODF).

DILG - Case Study 14 - HR/OD Intervention Focus: Leadership Program Leads to Human Resource Information System

Putting an Information System in Place A good information system is crucial for big organisations, especially if the scope of their responsibility is nationwide. In the absence ofan information system, even the HR Department of the organisation cannot be efficient in delivering services. If HR had to access the 201 files (confidential personnel records) manually, the whole process will be long and tedious.

DILG - Case Study 15 - HR/OD Intervention Focus: Capacity-building in Local Government

Implementing and Applying Learning Principles Dino Ponsaran, assistant division chief of the Department of the Interior and Local Government’s (DILG) Local Governance Capacity Development Program (LGCDP) Region VI, has been with the department for nine years. Selected as a recipient of Australia Awards Scholarships (AAS) in 2013, he immediately realised upon his return that his department needed to do more to effectively deliver its mandate.

PGAklan - Case Study 16 - HR/OD Intervention Focus: Human Resource Management

Capitalising on Human Resources for Effective Governance In an organisational assessment conducted around three years ago by the Philippines Australia Human Resource and Organisational Development Facility (PAHRODF) on the Provincial Government of Aklan (PGA), it was determined that the latter was weakest in the area of human resources (HR).

PGAklan - Case Study 17 - HR/OD Intervention Focus: Financial Projections for Economic Enterprise

Effective and Responsive Local Governance Improving services for its constituents is any Local Government Unit’s (LGU) dream. For the Province of Aklan however, this dream is being translated into reality with the help of PAHRODF scholars through Australia Awards Scholarships (AAS).

PGGuimaras - Case Study 18 - HR/OD Intervention Focus: Restructuring the Organisation

Human Resource Rationalisation and Maximum Productivity The Australian Government-funded Provincial Road Management Facility (PRMF) aims to develop good governance in relation to road projects, so it closely collaborates with the Provincial Engineering Office (PEO) of the Province of Guimaras, for which Australia Awards Scholarships (AAS) recipient Ramil Villasis works.

DSWD - Case Study 19 - HR/OD Intervention Focus: Competency-Based Leadership Program

Linking Competencies in Capacity Building An organisational assessment of the Department of Social Welfare and Development Services (DSWD) conducted in 2010 revealed the potential leadership vacuum looming over the department.

NAMRIA - Case Study 20 - HR/OD Intervention Focus: Strategic Planning

A Comprehensive Plan for More Focused Initiatives Clarity in an organisation’s direction and activities can only be achieved with a long-term strategic plan. Unfortunately for the National Mapping and Resource Information Authority (NAMRIA), such a plan had not existed before the Government of Australia through PAHRODF intervened.

NAMRIA - Case Study 21 - HR/OD Intervention Focus: Leadership Strengthening and Competency Building

Enhancing Service Delivery Outcomes and Technical Competencies Concepcion Bringas has personally witnessed how the Government of Australia through PAHRODF has helped the National Mapping and Resource Information Authority (NAMRIA) in the last seven years. Bringas is currently the Chief Administration Officer of the Staff Support Services in NAMRIA and had been in public service for almost four decades.

NAMRIA - Case Study 22 - HR/OD Intervention Focus: Spatial Information

Applying Spatial Competencies in Mapping Resources Sylvia Esperanza has been with NAMRIA (National Mapping and Resource Information Authority) for almost 16 years. As NAMRIA’s senior remotes and technologies officer, she is expected to prepare accurate coastal resource maps.

NAMRIA - Case Study 23 - HR/OD Intervention Focus: Information Technology

Delivering Better Software for Public Use The National Mapping and Resource Information Authority (NAMRIA), the central mapping and resource information agency of the Philippines, provides mapping services to government agencies. In its ongoing geoportal project, NAMRIA aims to provide government agencies with infrastructure that will deliver geospatial information to the public. The software needed for delivering this information is dynamic and always evolving.

NAMRIA - Case Study 24 - HR/OD Intervention Focus: Geographic Information Technology

Bringing Mapping Technology Up to Speed For Mary Jane Montemor, database manager of the 1:50,000 scale maps at the National Mapping and Resource Information Authority (NAMRIA), age was once a drawback. Being the youngest among her peers, she had felt that older and more senior colleagues did not give her much credence.

NAMRIA - Case Study 25 - HR/OD Intervention Focus: Human Resource Management

Transforming HRD as a Strategic Partner Florence Acle, who has been with the National Mapping and Resource Information Agency’s (NAMRIA) for 17 years and is currently the Officer-in-Charge of its Human Resource Development (HRD) Section, is a witness to the transformative growth of her organisation.

PHIVOLCS - Case Study 26 - HR/OD Intervention Focus: Institutional Interventions

Support from the Top Interventions and scholarships are mainstays at the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS). In the past 3 years, PHIVOLCS has relied on the assistance of the PAHRODF to effect changes in the organisation.

PAGASA - Case Study 27 - HR/OD Intervention Focus: Environmental Discipline in Weather Forecasting

Weather Forecasts and Bulletins for Remote Areas Present-day weather forecasting is primarily done by gathering and analysing data on the earth’s atmospheric conditions using state-of-the-art technology.

PHIVOLCS - Case Study 28 - HR/OD Intervention Focus: Disaster Risk Reduction

A New Perspective on Research The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS) aims to “to make the community safe and resilient to volcanic related hazards,” and this goal was foremostin the mind of PHIVOLCS geologist and senior research specialist Maybelline Cahulogan when she applied for the Australia Awards Scholarships (AAS).

PHIVOLCS - Case Study 29 - HR/OD Intervention Focus: Obtaining Objectives with Strategic Planning

Activity-Based vs. Results-Based Richel de Mesa, Administrative Officer V at the Planning Section, Finance and Administrative Division of the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS), is aware of the importance of strategic planning for an organization to see where it is going.

PHIVOLCS - Case Study 30 - HR/OD Intervention Focus: Crafting Strategic Plans

Strategic Plans as Road Maps Delfin Garcia, planning officer and currently officer-in-charge of the Finance and Administrative division of the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS), believes that a strategic plan is vital to the success of his organisation.

Integrating Case Study

It Only Gets Better "Better is the keyword. An empowered and motivated human resource... an efficient plan and implementation... an enhanced monitoring... a more responsive and accurate service... and a smoother and improved system... these are the route and sure roads to institutional reform and national development. This is precisely the desired outcome of the scholarships and interventions the Philippines get from Australia.

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