Australian government scholars monitor progress of their development programs

10-11 April 2013, Davao City – Fifty-four Filipino awardees, who completed postgraduate studies in Australia, together with their mentors, recently met for a workshop to discuss the progress of their re-entry action plans (REAPs); these are the development programs that they had committed to implement upon their return to the Philippines. The REAP progress workshop, which was held from 10-11 April 2013 at the SMX Convention Center in Davao City, had been a venue for the awardees to fine tune the implementation of their REAPs and customise it based on their organisation’s current situation.

The supervisors of the awardees, who have been guiding the scholars from the conceptualization to the implementation of their REAPs, were also in the workshop to provide direction on the output and outcome of the development programs.

“The supervisors play a crucial role in the program as much as the awardees; and we acknowledge their support and commitment in ensuring that the development impact of the awardees’ REAPs is in line with the needs of their organisations. We look forward to seeing all the programs coming together and responding to Philippine development goals,” said Peter Carreon, program officer, AusAID.

During the workshop, the awardees and their supervisors were guided on how to monitor the progress of their REAP, develop tools on gauging REAP status, learn from risks, hindering factors and best practices, and develop REAP success stories and document its impact. The workshop also paved the way for the scholars to renew their commitment to contribute to a more resilient Philippines.

According to Sheila Penafiel, an awardee from the Provincial Government of Guimaras, the tools she had learned from the REAP progress workshop were helpful in gauging the next steps of her REAP implementation. Sheila’s REAP focuses on developing a Job Description Handbook that will clearly define work assignments in the Human Resource Management Section of the Provincial Administrator’s Office and the Provincial Engineering Office; and will ultimately improve the service delivery of the province.

“The REAP progress workshop was timely and relevant; it energized and inspired me to be proactive and positive, helping me to get back on track in doing my REAP. The monitoring tools we learned allowed me to gauge the next steps I need to take in developing the handbook, and the event has made the process of finishing my REAP more meaningful,” said Sheila.

The participants of the REAP progress workshop were awardees from the government sector and partner organisations with mandates supporting the mutual priorities of Australia and the Philippines as reflected in the Statement of Commitment for the Australia-Philippines Development Cooperation Strategy.

im1_Australian government scholars monitor progress of their development programs im2_Australian government scholars monitor progress of their development programs

Photos above show (L) Awardees from DepEd, guided by their mentor, record the progress of their re-entry action plans online; (R) Sheila Penafiel, a scholar from the Provincial Government of Guimaras, renews her commitment to contribute to Philippine development through her REAP.



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