31 more Filipinos awarded prestigious Australia Awards scholarships

Thirty-one new scholars from the Philippines are heading to Australia in January 2019 to commence postgraduate studies in Australia’s top universities. They are part of the more than 100 scholars supported by the Australian Government each year.


The latest batch of scholars chose “Sambisig” as their batch name, which means working hand-in-hand towards a common vision of creating positive change in the Philippines.


“I am very pleased to see another group of high-achieving scholars undertake their Australia Awards journey.  They are about to embark on accelerated professional development while in Australia. They will also develop lifelong connections and friendships, and a deeper understanding of Australian society,” said Australian Ambassador to the Philippines, Amanda Gorely.

“I understand this batch has chosen the name ‘Sambisig’ which means hand-in-hand.  It shows the vision of these scholars, to work together to bring about meaningful change in their communities. It also reflects how Australia and the Philippines work together.”

The 31 scholars come from different fields of the government and private sector, particularly trade and economics, basic education, governance, social protection, infrastructure, public financial management, public policy, knowledge management, and local economic development.  They are expected to return to the Philippines, armed with prestigious degrees from Australia, by 2020.

“One unique aspect of our scholarship program is the re-entry action plans developed by each Australia Awards scholar. These map out how scholars will apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired in Australia upon their return to the Philippines, through programs and projects that will contribute to the country’s development. We look forward to sharing stories about the reforms that these scholars will initiate in the coming years,” added Ambassador Gorely.

Under the Australian Government’s flagship scholarship program, Australia Awards recipient receive full support from the Embassy, from pre-departure briefing, throughout their studies in Australia, and upon their return to implement their REAP.

This helps the scholar prepare for their life in Australia, the rigors of post-graduate studies, and help them implement successful projects upon their return.

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